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L’apéritif de la Fête
L’apéritif de la Fête

Friday 13 september 2019 de 19:00 à 22:00
38 Quai Antonin Gros, 34340 Marseillan VILLE, France

Tasting cards are on sale from September 1st at Maison Noilly Prat for 6€.

1 eco-glass (It will serve for both tastings) 2 cocktails 6 tastings

Alcohol abuse is harmful to health. To be used in moderation.


St Raph Tonic’ Red: 5 cl St Raphaël Rouge, 10 cl Tonic, orange zest

St Raph Tonic’ Blanc: 5 cl St
cl de St Raphaël Ambré, 10 cl Tonic, lemon zest

Le Noilly: 3cl of Noilly Prat Amber, 9cl of Listel Apple, 1 slice of apple

Byrrh Tonic: 4 cl Byrrh, ½ freshly squeezed yellow lemon, 4 to 6 cl Tonic

Non-alcoholic cocktail: Sparkling Listel Raspberry or Sparkling Listel Peach

2 oysters from Mas Coquithau

1 Vegetarian Maki with Noilly Prat Red

1 tomato pan with chorizo and Byrrh sauce

1 Chicken Empanada with Noilly Prat Original Dry Vegetables

1 crispy shortbread with seeds and fig compote at St Raphaël

The evening will be hosted by the jazz group "Marla and the Cool Chiken"
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