Coquillages et Fruites de mer dans l'hérault
Shellfish production
Enjoy a shellfish platter accompanied by a fruity country wine … Oysters and shellfish from the "Bassin de Thau", fish from the Mediterranean and sunny wines will play on your taste buds.
Thanks to its direct access to the sea, the Thau basin provides shelter for several fish varieties (sea- bream, wolf-fish, mullet). A long standing natural shellfish habitat, it required centuries of experimentation and testing to establish their cultivation. Since, numerous cultivated oyster and mussel beds have been implanted. The new techniques and the dynamism of these men, permitted a more effective activity at sea (suspended rope cultivation) and also in the basin (oyster and clam hatcheries). The shellfish farms around the Thau lagoon welcome public visitors and will liberally share their knowledge.
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