Discover the historical heritage of Marseillan
The Roman vestiges and some even older, leave us to reflect that the history Marseillan goes back to the earliest periods of antiquity. Over the centuries, this Mediterranean village, in the lower Languedoc, has experienced numerous rich and eventful periods, which are retained as souvenirs in the stones of Marseillan. Immerse yourself in the history that the old village streets pass on to you, let your imagination carry you away in discovering the entrance porches to the former bourgeois houses, the statue of the Republic, the covered square, the Saint Jean-Baptiste church, ...
Around Marseillan
The City of Agde
At 6 km from Marseillan, Agde, ancient Greek city built in volcanic stones, shelters treasures of archeology and unique architectural specificities.
At 13 km from Marseillan, the village of Pinet is world renowned for its vineyard "AOC" Picpoul de Pinet, dry white wine and fruity with generous aromas that goes hand in hand with seafood.
Possesses superb Gallo-Roman vestiges, of which a recently resorted villa is open to the public each afternoon from Monday to Sunday (excluding Tuesdays).
At 15 km from Marseillan, Sète was created more than 350 years ago to offer a maritime outlet to the Canal du Midi. Every year we celebrate the creation of the port with jousting
At 25 km from Marseillan, Balaruc-les-Bains, 1st spa resort of France and wellness and relaxation resort, is located on a peninsula of the lagoon of Thau, near the Mediterranean Sea.
At 27 km from Marseillan, Frontignan, an ancient port of the eleventh century, has a rich history whose city has kept many traces and testimonies. The town is located on the outskirts of the Massif de la Gardiole, a protected natural site, perfect for walks.
At 25 km from Marseillan, Bouzigues, fishing village is located on the edge of the lagoon of Thau. He is famous for his production of oysters AOC « Huîtres de Bouzigues » and mussels.
At 23 km from Marseillan, Pézenas, at the crossroads of the beaches and the hinterland, has obtained a label thanks to its rich heritage. It was a favorite place of residence for Moliere and his illustrious Theater.
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