Immerse yourself in the Marseillanaise culture by taking advantage of a guided tour followed by a tasting of the famous Noilly Prat, wine cellars known since 1813 and appreciated by the finest gastronomes...
Since 1813, Noilly Prat at Marseillan, beside the Mediterranean, has jealously guarded the same original production method created by Joseph Noilly. Long and original, it is unique worldwide. Our wines age over long months in our cellars and afterwards in the open-air. This aging, followed by blending and the slow aromatisation with herbs from five continents, give Noilly Prat its powerful taste and delicate fragrance, which makes it the connoisseur’s aperitif and the secret of the greatest chefs throughout the world.

Come to learn how to make a cocktail at Noilly Prat factory. Spend a single moment with a member of the famus Pub "Le Papa Doble" from Montpellier and visit the Noilly Prat cellars. Then you'll learn how to make two cocktails with some Noilly Prat drink. Tasting will be accompagned with regional and local dishes.

A saturday morning per month between 10 am and 1 pm, come to live and share those great moments.

Please, it's compulsory to book from Noilly Prat Factory at : +33 (0)4 67 77 20 15. For your comfort , each group will be composed with 6 people minimum and 12 maximum. This event is only for adults. You'll have to pay during the booking, that is the comfirmation.

1 Rue Noilly

EXPERIENCE DISCOVER On this unique site development, the House Noilly Prat offers you the opportunity to discover their ancestral knowledge unchanged since 1813. Rates: 7.50 € (single), € 4.50 (reduced individual), € 4.50 group (25 people) - Duration: 45 min - without reservation - visiting hours: 10.00 - 11.00 & 14.30 - 18.00 EXPLORER EXPERIENCE The specificity of the development of Noilly Prat Dry Original ®, Original Dry is unveiled to you. Your guide will accompany you to an exclusive tour where you will be introduced to our unique method of aging the wines and their tasting. Rates: € 15 - Duration: 60 mm - without reservation - visiting hours: 10.00 - 11.00 & 14.30 - 18.00 CREATE EXPERIENCE Privileged guest in our house, we offer a unique look behind the scenes of the Maison Noilly Prat and a workshop to make your own vermouth! Price: 35 € - Length: 90 mm TASTE EXPERIENCE As host privileged, our Ambassador, reveals backstage preparing the Noilly PRAT®. After the EXPLORER visit, appetizers regional flavors you are also served to sublimate the taste-fusion dishes vermouth Noilly PRAT®. Prices: 30 € - Length: 90 mm MIXER EXPERIENCE After the site visit, experience the art of mixology. Cocktails workshop the Monday, June 27; Monday, July 25 and Monday, August 22 at 11.00. Prices: 45 € - Length: 120 mm TRAVEL EXPERIENCE An unforgettable experience! Discover the Maison Noilly Prat and go by boat for a tasting on the pond of Thau in the heart of the oyster beds. Rates: € 63 - Duration: 3h30 mm Information and reservations: + 33 (0) 4 67 77 20 15
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